From the start, T6 Health Systems was founded on a simple idea; that clinicians could make better decisions, resulting in better outcomes, if they had access to the right information. To bring the T6 vision to life, they would have to reinvent the way technology was used while treating patients, and create a system that effectively captured, enhanced and utilized clinical information in real time.

They needed a scalable, secure system that could be deployed around the world. Not only did they require a robust technical team to build their system, they needed a full partner that could take their vision, and turn it into a reality. That’s where Venuiti came in.

Venuiti took the time to do detailed due diligence, and proposed a custom-built solution with a team that would be dedicated for a years-long project. However, at the same time, a competitor promised a quicker, cheaper solution – without having done the due diligence. T6 initially decided to go with the competitor, but it wasn’t long before they ran into major issues.

The competitor was unable to deliver, was way behind schedule, and it became apparent that T6 needed the work Venuiti had initially proposed. At that point, T6 realized Venuiti was the ideal partner to work with because Venuiti is the type of company that takes the time to truly understand the vision, and lays out the real requirements needed – not just what you want to hear. From 2015 onwards, T6 and Venuiti have been partnered together to develop a custom solution.

Venuiti reinvented how it approached technology development.

From the ground up, Venuiti built a team of world-class developers that would be able to create enterprise-grade healthcare software. The team worked closely with clinicians and business leaders to create a system that collects and analyzes a wide range of clinical data to identify emerging patterns, visualize patient-specific data, and create risk scores or checklists. This bolsters a clinician’s situational awareness, augments human judgement and encourages evidence-based practices.

With Venuiti’s strong development team, coordination with clinicians and business leaders, and a consistent drive to find new paths to success, T6 has now been deployed all over the world with great success.

Venuiti is proud to have been a catalyst for the successful development of tools that truly help improve patient outcomes. Venuit and T6 have continued their partnership for over 6 years, with a never-ending dedication to optimizing the systems that deliver T6’s vision.

T6 Supports the Continuum of Critical Care

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