PALS reel, LG in conjunction with Venuiti              

Collaboration is a key to reinvention.
With you, we’ll champion the cause with best-in-class partners
to tell your story.

In 2020, we’ve aligned with Pals of Dorothy to make our story telling its very best. This will be a consortium of great advertising minds dedicated to affinity building entertainment.

Pals of Dorothy brings decades of experience in Television, Video, and Specialty production to our family which we believe highly compliments how we operate.

Together, this team has created impactful work for brands such as LG, Verizon Wireless, and Staples to name a few. Get the benefit of cost savings, smart story telling, and above all else, messaging that works.

Venuiti Case History

We’d love to share some of our more noteworthy cases with you. We’ll stay brief in respect of your time.

However, if you see something you like, we’re more than happy to visit you and share the story in greater detail.

Partner since 2010
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Site Design, Lead Generation & Nuturing, Paid Programs, Social Media, Content Curation, App Design & Implementation, Analytics, Reporting & Optimization
  • Traditional Campaigns
  • Multi-level & Sponsorship
  • Experiential Campaigns
  • Event Development & Activation
  • Creative Campaign Development
  • Strategy, Creative Development & Production
Partner since 2008
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Design, SEO/SEM Strategy, Content Curation, Analytics, Reporting & Optimization
  • Technology Lead, Strategy & Stewardship
  • Ecommerce, UI/UX Strategy & Execution
Partner since 2015
  • Technology Partner
  • App development & back-end development
  • Data scaling & mining
  • Operational roll-out & support
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Lead Nurturing, UX Strategy, Site Design & Implementation, Content Curation, SEO/SEM & Paid Programs
Partner since 2017
  • Brand Management (2 Brands)
  • Research & Segmentation Programs Customer Engagement Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Site Design, SEO/SEM Strategy, Analytics, Reporting & Optimization
  • Technology Strategy & Stewardship
  • Ecommerce UX Strategy & Implementation
Partner since 2018
  • Technology Joint Pilot Program in Collaboration with Canadian Virtual Hospice
  • Pilot testing Canada's first national integrated healthcare platform
  • Pilots for identity management, consent management, transition of care, security and other leading edge technologies to improve digital healthcare access for all Canadians
Partner since 2008
  • Technology Joint Venture
  • Site UI/UX & workflow development, SEO, Analytics, Reporting & Optimization
  • Technologies for curation & syndication of 10,000+ resources
  • Integration with real time clinical communication tools
  • Collaboration on e-learning resources and module development
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