Venuiti has a rich history of delivering a proven track record of consumer and professional audience success across a variety of categories. Venuiti’s 20+ years of experience in Alternative Energy made us the immediate and natural go-to partner to help LG with the task of driving its Solar division to the top of the category. Through overall marketing acumen and a “zero learning curve” approach to solar, Venuiti enabled its insights to fuel a targeted strategy for LG Solar we called “Go-fast, Go-forward, Optimize and win”.

Venuiti operates or has worked on multiple alternative energy projects across North America

A natural choice with a deep desire to win.


Traffic increase YOY, B2C Site


Homeowner leads passed to LG (2yrs)


Growth in social following


Traffic increase YOY, B2B Site


User increase for LG PRO Portal


Increase YOY in new LG PRO activation requests

From the get-go, we knew that to win, re-educating consumers about solar was key. Even with a limited budget.

The biggest challenge faced was how to leverage LG’s brand heritage for a premium built, high-performance offering in a space filled with cheaper, lesser performing competitors that promised performance despite shortfalls in technology. Venuiti knew consumers just didn’t know the difference (they thought solar was solar) and Installers were either not explaining the differences or were focused on the quick sale / quick margin and getting on to the next project. We knew we wouldn’t just be reinventing LG, we’d also be reinventing perceptions in the marketplace.

at the start of the program it was a zero-sum game:

LG had no campaign, no list building momentum, and no leads to work with.

Enter, The Sun Loves LG

There was little time to get up-and-running

Venuiti had to work quickly to identify a campaign with a multi-level story to fill these gaps. The story had to shift perceptions of solar for consumers and installers simultaneously. LG needed a story that evoked a belief that paying a bit more for solar meant long-term benefit both environmentally and financially for all involved.

In the “Go-fast” stage, Venuiti had little time, less than a year, to build the campaign, implement content, and start drawing leads into the sales conversion systems.

We focused on exploiting educational shortfalls competitively, offering stories about performance as well as identifying how homeowners could get support from local and federal government bodies across the United States with financing solar. We showed homeowners how to properly shop solar and how to look at the incentives available on a regional, and even local level, driving them to a quote tool.

We used our category expertise to “speak everyone’s language” and connect LG to consumer interests & desires to both understand solar AND save money with it, creating journey options within the campaign construct. We taught them how to ask questions and understand where cheaper solar technology could hamper their savings potential or where performance of such products would fall short of promises made in the sales cycle.

LG Solar


LG Solar


LG Solar


LG Solar


LG Solar


These channels were designed as part of a larger lead generation strategy that would enable LG Solar to immediately benefit from hundreds of educational content pieces designed to let “The Sun Loves LG” position LG as the one brand that could be trusted on your home. And it worked.

Within the first 10 months of “Go-fast”, we turned in approximately 8,000 leads prompting LG to announce “Go-fast” was an overwhelming success for the business.

The year two “Go-forward” program capitalized on the momentum of “Go-fast” to continue driving new homeowners to LG.

It was also time to engage Installers with programs designed to reinvent industry perceptions of premium solar and to increase the partner installer base which would recommended / sell LG to homeowners. “The Sun Loves LG” was leveraged to embody the benefit of selling LG Solar in-order-to capture new Installer partners and to reinforce confidence among existing partners.

“Go-forward” for installers followed professional stories designed to create credibility and to educate new partners on the benefit of LG product and trends in solar-as-a-whole. Numerous Installers would later speak to LG as the “Brand homeowners could trust” based upon programs and initiatives LG put out to this group through the messaging. Nurture programs were implemented through the new Portal design and continue to cultivate new installers to this day.

The success of “Go-forward” is measured by a doubling of new homeowner leads and a 139% increase in new LG PRO installer requests over the span of the program.

“Optimize and win” expanded the “Go-forward” program, engaging in more social experience, more content and blog posting, and updating “Million-dollar” content to drive more leads, more engagement, and more improvement in the Installer base.

At Venuiti, we live and breathe reinvention

Even when it’s the first time a brand brings a product to the marketplace. It’s what we do and like we said, in this case, we reinvented how audiences thought about solar, putting LG at the top-of-mind position for both homeowners and installers. Reinvention comes from two things:

A dedication to Due Diligence:

We didn’t start one concept without understanding what was ahead of us.

A belief that analytics fuels better stories:

Throughout the program, Venuiti’s extensive data analysis team poured over information, delivering weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that showed not only progress, but also new avenues of opportunity that only come from expert interpretation of data. We religiously use our analytics to identify how best to reshape the story, find the next path, and keep the process moving forward.

If you’d like to see this kind of success for your brand, your business, it’s time you contacted us.