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Organic growth is something Venuiti prides itself on. While new business is always fantastic, we hold organic growth most near and dear to our hearts. That’s because it means reinvention and our dedication to finding the “million-dollar opportunities” is working for our partners. We’re creating believers.

Our 10-year relationship with LG can be encompassed by one key thought – a tireless dedication toward elevating the brand’s business in every way possible.

That dedication paid off with expanded roles, including projects with LG’s Commercial Display division. Our track record with the HVAC team helped us solidify our position as a B2B expert with the company and enabled us to land a lead generation pilot. Hard work and a focused program quickly blossomed into a fully retained automated marketing program that built incredible business over an overall two-and-a-half year timeline.

Building momentum, earning trust

The Lead Generation Pilot Program for Commercial Display was designed to be a short-run, lead generation pilot program – with a very limited budget. Venuiti planned to show LG how it could deploy automated programs tied to existing content as-a-means to draw attention to new and popular Commercial Display solutions. The pilot focused on the Education sub-sector and was targeted to seasonal buying cycles in that category – this was a two-month program.

New Leads Over

2-Month Pilot Test

Top-end Form

Submission Rate

Total Views

2-Month Pilot Test

From a KPI perspective, the goal was to show both momentum and interest in products leading to a form-fill that was tied to Sales and which could help re-educated prospects about commercial display possibilities with LG. Venuiti was required to drive traffic to existing pages. Venuiti quickly established a gameplan designed to drive interest across a variety of marketable strategies including using LG Technology to “attract new students”, “connect with students”, “motivate LG resellers” and several others. In the short window of the program, Venuiti’s programs were successful at moving the needle forward.

Success = More Organic Growth

Bigger programs. Bigger results

Venuiti had earned its place on the Commercial Display team as Agency of Record for all automated marketing programs

This included the development and implementation of all LG Newsletter, Event / Road Show, and Targeted Lead Generation email programs. Venuiti worked closely with LG to implement new analytics architectures, creative messaging structures, Pardot / Salesforce integrations, and long-term engagement strategies that where LG could optimize and build greater impact for its business.


Unique Opens


Open Rate


Unique clicks


Warm Lead Growth


Hot Lead Growth

Reinventing Email Marketing

Despite successes with the initial pilot program, Venuiti’s due diligence at this stage revealed that the overall automated marketing program was plagued by weak audience segmentation. This, in turn, disabled effective lead generation programs despite LG having a sizable prospect list.

We discovered that efforts to reach audiences lacked targeting / were too generic in approach – and therefore compromised the ability to keep prospect funnels full. Further, as we moved into our strategic role, we learned there was no measure to qualify hot leads to sales which raised concerns about significant loss of revenue.

Venuiti took its due diligence and developed an automated marketing strategy for Commercial Display that:

Data is King – But Only Because It Drives the RIGHT Stories

Venuiti’s programs all centered on the importance of data analysis. On a monthly basis, we generated strategic storytelling recommendations that LG aligned with and which we executed as actionable lead generation and nurturing programs

Adding 4,500+ targeted prospects to Commercial Display databases within two years

Developing new drip programs for untapped opportunities around key products (e.g., OLED)

Enabling new creative stories designed to progress prospects down the Commercial Display funnel – which in turn have elevated open rates by 37% – from newsletter to drip messaging

If you’d like to see this kind of success for your brand, your business, it’s time you contacted us.

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