App Development

Apps are all around us. There are apps for buying furniture, selling services, talking to friends and even starting your laundry machine. It seems that every company these days has an app which they use to market and sell themselves. However, we see a lot of bad practices out there. The market is oversaturated so it's beyond important to create apps that truly benefit users.

We were building apps before they were even called apps

(pre-blackberry era to give you some perspective) and we still believe there is intrinsic value in having an app for your business.

In fact, if successful it can introduce you to new customers and strengthen your brand - in some cases the right apps can truly change lives. But, in order to break through barriers to entry, you need a great idea (where you come in) AND a great implementation (where we come in).

We know that your app isn't just a throwaway project - it's an extension of your brand identity. Rather than just churning out apps, when you engage us, we look at the big picture - sometimes even recommending that you don't proceed. Apps aren’t always the right way to go and there may be better ways to reach your goals (because it's not just about money for us). We dive into your requirements and will always share our strategic direction, even if it differs from what you planned. We will always represent you in the best way possible, even our designers will study your company before proceeding - briefs should never be the only element of the project that is engaged by your provider. Only once this process is done will our expert technical team start development. If you already have a great design ready to go, our technical team is happy to work with your designers to bring their vision to life, but you have to promise not to be offended if we make recommendations for improvement. It's just our nature and we believe you'll appreciate it.

Today, there is a vast array of devices with different screen sizes and resolutions to contend with, and companies need to make sure that their assets always look good. We keep this in mind during developing and go through thorough user acceptance testing before we launch anything. We also build state of the art security into our solutions because we respect data and know just how valuable it is. We can also ensure that your app links with your existing marketing automation and CRM systems so that you can easily track the user journey.


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