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Having world class creative and strategies is no longer enough with today’s demanding brands. The ability to effectively engage customers and have measurable ROI is sometimes of even greater importance. Our platform allows the effective engagement of customers across multiple brands and channels to build a consistent experience with measurable results. This allows for more interaction and more meaningful interaction with customers leading to a measurable impact on the bottom line.

Our platform is built on multiple years of experience working closely with agencies. Clients are able to deploy, manage and track multiple campaigns for single or multiple brands.  Campaigns can be driven in a single channel (ex: Web) or multiple channels (ex: Web, Mobile, Kiosks, offline, etc.)   By employing an existing platform with proven development tools and reporting capabilities, agencies can focus on the creative and brand strategy while leaving the technology to us.

The platform is primarily used for: 

  • Contests including sweepstakes registrations, multi day entry contest and instant win promotions        
  • Coupons for both point of sale and online redemption with full integration allowing clients to track statistics from coupon generation to redemption at the point of sale        
  • Registration and survey forms with integration into other CRMs or systems

Our marketing platform facilitates the creative process allowing campaigns to deployed using simple HTML but also other technologies such as FLASH or KIOSKS all from one unified location.

Using an existing platform the cost of entry, total cost of investment and return on investment can be easily tracked allowing costs to be minimized and the return on investment to be maximized.

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What our customers are saying...
Your technology expertise on HP and Motorola is invaluable. Thanks for always being there.
- Alan Macdonald, VP




Our clients have deployed our platform for brands that include:



TD Waterhouse


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